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Used CAT 310 Excavator For Sale in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Used CAT 310 Excavator For Sale in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

The CAT 310 excavator is a high-performance machine that can be used for a variety of digging applications. The 310 excavator is equipped with a cab that has air conditioning, heating, and audio-visual systems to make the operator more comfortable while on the job site. The CAT 310 has onboard diagnostics that allow you to check engine functions quickly and efficiently.



What are the specs on a 310 CAT excavator?

CAT 310 excavator specs

The Caterpillar 310 excavator is a medium-sized model, with a capacity of 310 cubic feet. This makes it suitable for medium-sized jobs in construction sites and industrial areas. The maximum digging depth that this machine can reach is 19 feet (5.8 m), which can be accomplished with its 36 inches (91 cm) dipper stick extension.

The machine weighs around 20 tons, meaning it needs a lot of power to operate smoothly and efficiently. This is why the Caterpillar 310 comes with an engine type known as ACERT II™, which provides up to 500 hp of output power while still being environmentally friendly and reliable enough to last long hours on-site without needing repairs or maintenance checks regularly during operation timeframes.


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What is the lifting capacity of a CAT 310 excavator?

CAT 310 excavator lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of a CAT 310 excavator is up to 6,000 pounds. This is dependent on the bucket size, boom length, and angle of operation. For example:

  • A bucket with a 3 cubic yard capacity requires the machine to be at a 45-degree angle in order to lift it. If you are using the bucket at an angle less than this, then capacity will be reduced accordingly. In other words – if you need more weight capacity than what your machine’s maximum lifting capacity is (6k), then don’t use that big of a bucket!
  • Longer booms will allow for higher lifts or greater reach from ground level AND longer booms can help reduce the minimum height required for any given lift (i.e., make it easier for those who do not want their tractor seat height too high).


cat 310 excavator


How much does a CAT 310 excavator weight?

CAT 310 excavator weight

The weight of a CAT 310 excavator varies according to the engine size, fuel type, fuel tank size, and cab size. For example, the base model weighs 16.5 tons (18 metric tonnes) but can be increased by 1 ton to a total of 17.5 tons (19 metric tonnes).

The following table shows how much the machine weights:

  • Engine
  • 6-cylinder turbocharged with LPG 824 cc or 998 cc engines weigh 17.5 tons (19 metric tonnes)
  • 4 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine produces 16.5 t/m (18 mts)



What is the size of the CAT excavator bucket?

CAT 310 excavator bucket

The CAT 310 excavator bucket capacity is 1.3 cubic yards and the bucket width is 4.1 feet. The bucket height is 5.2 feet, which makes it possible for the machine to dig deeper with a larger payload of materials in one load, making it more efficient than other brands on the market today.


cat 310 excavator specs


Where are the CAT 310 excavators used?

CAT 310 excavator application

The CAT 310 excavator is used in many industries, including:

  • Mining. The CAT 310 excavator can be used to dig up ore and other minerals from the earth.
  • Construction. This could be anything from building homes, factories, and roads to digging trenches or laying pipes so they can be below ground level while still being able to move water or electricity through them.
  • Utility companies use these machines to repair power lines and build new ones when they need to extend service into an area that didn’t have it before.
  • Forestry workers use them to chop down trees and haul away large pieces of wood that are too heavy for people with chainsaws alone (or even for small tractors). The CAT 310 also helps clear land before planting crops; instead of using heavy equipment like bulldozers or backhoes all day long every day throughout their whole lives doing just one task over again every time there’s something else needs doing!


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How much does a CAT 310 excavator cost?

CAT 310 excavator price

The price of a new CAT 310 excavator can be anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000. The cost of a used machine will vary depending on its condition and hours of use. A well-maintained unit may cost more than one that has been neglected in storage but it’s still worth shopping around for a good deal.

For parts and accessories, you’ll pay about $3,000 for each hour of operation on the machine. If you need repairs or replacement parts for your CAT 310 excavator, there are plenty available through third-party suppliers at varying prices depending on what exactly needs fixing.


cat 310 excavator weight



The CAT 310 excavator is a great choice for anyone looking to get into the construction industry. It’s powerful, compact, and easy to operate. If you want more information on how much it costs or where you can buy one of these machines then please contact us today +0086 186-2391-5479!


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