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The Cheap Kubota Track Loader Price – Kubota Track Loader Guide

The Cheap Kubota Track Loader Price – Kubota Track Loader Guide

The price of a kubota track loader is about between $15,000 and $100,000, depending on the model, size, year and other factors of the track loader. Kubota track loader is a bulldozer that has a high lifting capacity. It is used for moving and digging dirt. Kubota Loaders have been in the industry since the 1950s, when they first started making them. They have been constantly upgrading their machines to make them more efficient, reliable and durable than ever before!



Where are Kubota track loaders made?

Kubota track loader for sale

Kubota track loaders are made in Japan by the Kubota Corporation. The Kubota Corporation is a subsidiary of Kubota Machinery Company, Ltd., which was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1915 and is still based there today.

Kubota Machinery began making tractors, engines and other agricultural machinery. In 1958 they designed their first track loader and have been producing them ever since.


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How long do Kubota track loaders last?

Kubota track loader lifespan

Kubota track loaders are built to last. They typically have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, but Kubota offers a five year limited warranty on their products. If you’re considering buying a used Kubota mini loader, it’s important to know how long the machine has been in use before you buy it.

The Kubota RTV 521ZX is a popular choice among many farmers because it has a long service life without needing too much maintenance. One of the main reasons why this model is so durable is its workhorse build, but there are other factors as well.


kubota track loader


What are the kubota track loader models?

Kubota track loader specs

There are 9 different models of Kubota track loaders, from the KX121-3 to the KX121-8. Each model is slightly different in terms of its engine size and capacity, with some having more horsepower than others. These models include:

  • KX121-3 (1,600 lb)
  • KX121-4 (2,000 lb)
  • KX121-5 (2,700 lb)
  • KX121-6 (3,600 lb)
  • KX121-7 (4,200 lb)
  • KX121-8 (5,000 lb)

Each model features a 1250 lb (544 kg) capacity and comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor. They also come equipped with an electric motor (13 hp), but some older models may have been upgraded to an electric/hydraulic system instead of just being electric only like these new ones are now!



What are the parts of the kubota track loader?

Kubota track loader attachments

The Kubota track loader is made up of several parts. The frame is the most important part because it provides support for all of the other components. The engine, transmission, and attachments are used to lift, dig and move materials around your work site.

The bucket holds material in place while the fork lifts material from the ground. The stick moves material from one location to another location on the jobsite so that it can be loaded into trucks or transported to other parts of a construction site for use elsewhere during construction projects.


kubota track loader price


Where can the kubota track loader be used?

Kubota loader application

The Kubota track loader can be used in a variety of locations, including:

  • Construction sites – for moving materials around or delivering them to their destination
  • Farms – to plant, harvest and cultivate crops
  • Mines – for digging ore from the ground and transporting it elsewhere
  • Quarries – where rock is extracted from the earth regularly
  • Forests – if you have trees to clear or fell (as in cut down) you’ll need a powerful machine like this one! You may also use it for logging if you have access to large amounts of timber. If you’re interested in farming then see our article on cultivating different types of food using tractors.


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How much does a Kubota track loader cost?

Kubota track loader prices

Pricing for Kubota track loaders varies depending on the model, size, and features. The cost of a new Kubota track loader can range from $10,000 to $100,000. The price will also vary depending on where you buy it from and what type of contract you sign with your dealer. If you are interested in buying used or refurbished equipment then expect to pay between 15% and 50% off what a new machine would cost you.

The Kubota B7500 is a compact machine that’s ideal for small-scale applications such as landscaping and small construction jobs. It has a maximum lift capacity of 3,500 pounds and comes standard with an engine that has 83 horsepower and 94 foot-pounds of torque (FTP). This model costs about $90,000 to purchase new from retailers like, but pricing may vary depending on where you live.

Location is another factor determining the cost of your Kubota mini track loader; different dealerships may have different prices.


kubota track loader specs



Kubota track loader is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the construction industry. They have a strong reputation for building quality machines that last for many years. Having a reliable brand like Kubota will give you peace of mind when buying their products because they are known for their durability and high performance levels. If you want to know more about kubota  loader, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479.


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