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The Affordable Sany Mini Excavator For Sale

The Affordable Sany Mini Excavator For Sale

The SANY Mini Excavator is a small but powerful earth digging machine. This excavator can be used to dig up everything from ground to concrete, and it’s easy to operate.SANY mini excavators are a newer addition to the SANY lineup, but they are quickly gaining popularity due to their reliability and value for money. Here we will look at some key facts about these mini excavators so that you can make an informed decision if you’re thinking about buying one.



Who makes SANY mini excavators?

Sany excavator

Sany is a Chinese company that manufactures and sells mini excavators. SANY is the world’s largest manufacturer of mini excavators, accounting for over 50% of global production. Since its founding in 1958, Sany has sold more than 1 million units worldwide and is one of the best-selling brands in this particular market segment.They are well known for their high quality products and many of their machines can be found around the world.

SANY is a large machinery company from China, and they have been producing excavators for over 30 years. SANY has been selling its products to over 100 countries worldwide, including Russia and South Korea. Some of their most popular models are:

  • SZLC-50E Mini Excavator
  • SLJY50-1 Mini Excavator
  • SLJY50Q-3 Mini Excavator


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Are SANY mini excavators any good?

Sany mini excavators

SANY mini excavators are a great tool to have if you’re looking for something that will help you start or continue your career in construction. They’re also great for small jobs, such as clearing out a space in your backyard or under your house. If you have little to no experience operating heavy machinery, the SANY mini excavator is an excellent choice because it is easy to use and maintain.

In addition to being easy on the wallet (it costs around $15k), SANY mini excavators are designed with minimal noise and vibration so they can be operated even in highly populated areas without disturbing residents nearby.


sany mini excavator


How long do SANY mini excavators last?

Sany mini excavators lifespan

SANY mini excavators are very durable. They can last up to 10-15 years and are made of high quality materials. In addition, there is a good amount of support from the manufacturer. This means that you will have access to replacement parts if something breaks down or needs repair.

They also require little maintenance, which makes them easy to use for anyone who works in construction or maintenance at home. In addition, they are fitted with a load sensing hydraulic system that automatically regulates oil flow according to machine load, which leads to longer life of your machine.



What motor is in SANY mini excavator?

Sany mini excavator motor

The SANY mini excavator is powered by a 1.1kW electric motor, which is located in the rear of the machine. This motor has a maximum power output of 5.5 hp (4.1 kW) at 2250 rpm, and an average torque of 10 Nm at 0-1500 rpm. The rotational speed at which this motor runs can be adjusted using the main control panel on your vehicle, with options ranging from 1200 to 2500 rpm depending on what you need for your job site and terrain type.

The fuel consumption is 0.66 liter per hour if you use regular gasoline or 0.58 liter per hour if you use premium gasoline. The fuel consumption of this engine is 1L/hr.*7L/hr*11L/hr based on different loads or operating conditions such as digging depth, work efficiency and terrain conditions etc., so that you can adjust your fuel consumption.


sany mini excavators for sale


How to start a SANY mini excavator?

Sany mini excavator reviews

  • Pull the choke lever to the “first stage” position (see illustration).
  • Start the engine by pushing in on the starter button and holding it until you hear a bang and feel some vibration through your hand, which indicates that it is running. The engine should not be in gear when you attempt this, as if it were already in reverse or forward would result in damage to your machine due to its motion while being started up without being engaged with any load.
  • Once running, push down on throttle stick until all three lights light up (see illustration). If only two lights come on after pushing down on throttle stick then check for proper wiring connections between engine harness connector and operator panel harness connector before proceeding further troubleshooting steps below


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How much does it cost to buy a SANY mini excavator?

Sany mini excavator price list

The cost of buying a SANY mini excavator depends on the model you choose. A used SANY mini excavator can be purchased for less than $10,000 and a brand-new one for less than $20,000. However, these prices vary depending on which specific model you’re interested in purchasing.

A new SANY mini excavator costs between $10,000 and $15,000 whereas previously owned models are typically priced around $6,500 to $12,000. As with all purchases of this type, it’s important to keep in mind that you may need to spend additional money on repairs and maintenance over time once you’ve taken control of your new machine!


sany mini excavator price list



There are a lot of different types of machinery out there and each one is designed for a specific purpose. SANY mini excavators are some of the best machines on the market because they have been made with quality in mind and offer many features that other brands don’t have. These machines are perfect for any type of work whether it’s digging trenches or moving dirt around an area, they can do anything! If you want to know more about sany mini excavator, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479.


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