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The Best-slling LiuGong Loader Price in 2022

The Best-slling LiuGong Loader Price in 2022 

Buying a liugong loader will cost you about $10,000-$50,000, depending on the loader model, year, features and other factors. The LiuGong loader is a professional model which has been designed to be as durable as possible. It can handle anything you throw at it and can achieve this through its robust construction. The chassis of the loader is made from high-quality steel, which ensures durability against damage caused by heavy loads or impacts.



What are the models of Liugong loader?

Liugong loader specifications

Liugong loader is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery. It has four series of products, including business vehicle, mining vehicle, engineering machinery and special equipment. The company’s products include wheel loaders, motor graders, crawler excavators and bulldozers. Liugong loader is one of the biggest manufacturers worldwide and has established huge sales networks in China as well as abroad.

Its products are very popular with its high quality features such as durability, reliability etc. There are many models available for your selection such as LGP20D-3HXS; LGP25D-3HS; LXG25CII-4H; LXG30CIII-4H; LXG35CIV-4H etc.


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What is the size of the smallest liugong loader?

Liugong mini loader

If you are looking for a small loader, the LIUGONG LS50V1 is the best choice! It has a length of 5.5 meters, width of 4.5 meters, and height of 3.2 meters. The maximum load capacity is 5 tons (12000kg). This makes it ideal for light loading needs such as small construction projects or landscaping businesses that need to move dirt around their property with ease and speed while still being able to get into tight spaces with its compact size。


liugong loader


How long can liugong loader be used?

Liugong loader lifespan

Liugong loaders are rugged and durable machines, but they still require proper maintenance to ensure that they last for 10-20 years.

Here is a list of things you should do to maintain your loader:

  • Keep the engine oil level at the correct level as instructed by your manufacturer.
  • Change the air cleaner filter at least once per season, depending on how often you use it and where you operate it in dusty or sandy environments (these conditions will cause more frequent cleaning).
  • Change hydraulic fluid regularly based on recommendations from the manufacturer (typically this is done every 3 months). Fluid quality can be checked with a simple dipstick test- when changing hydraulic oil make sure that both sides of the stick are clear (black) – if they are cloudy then replace them immediately!



What are the parts of liugong loader?

Liugong loader parts

The Liugong loader consists of the following major parts:

  • Frame: The frame is the most important part of a loader. It is usually made up of two H-shaped beams welded together at their lower ends and bolted to a steel cross piece bolted to the engine’s front end.
  • Hydraulic system: This system uses hydraulic fluid to power various components on the loader, including its various cylinders that raise and lower equipment such as buckets, blades and forks.
  • Electrical system: An electrical system operates lights and other electrical circuits throughout an operator compartment so that you can see what you are doing when operating this powerful machine.
  • Engine: Most modern industrial loaders are powered by diesel engines, though some older models may still use gasoline engines due to their greater fuel efficiency compared with diesel counterparts.


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How much does a Liugong loader cost?

Liugong loader price

The price of a Liugong loader depends on the model and features. A 3 tonne Liugong mini loader starts at around $20,000, with larger models starting at around $100,000. The price range is due to the number of features included in each model and how big they are.

This loader is a great investment as it can be used for many different jobs and will last you years if not decades. They’re also quite easy to drive, making them ideal for people who don’t have much experience with machinery or driving heavy machinery yet still want to use something like this on their property。


liugong loader price



The LiuGong loader is a great addition to your business or farm. It has many features that make it easy to use, including an automatic shuttle transmission system that allows you to operate with one hand on the joystick and one foot on a pedal. This makes it easy for anyone to operate! If you want to know more about liugong loader, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479 !


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