A Famous Excavator: Komatsu Excavator

Komatsu excavator is a famous brand of excavator, and this article will talk something about it.

What is Komatsu excavator?

Komatsu is a construction equipment manufacturer from Japan, founded in 1915. They are the largest producer of construction equipment in the world. The company is also known for being very competitive and innovative with their products. Komatsu has many divisions that produce different types of machines such as excavators, wheel loaders, cranes and forklifts.

Komatsu excavator is a type of construction equipment that dig and move dirt, debris and other materials. They can be used to build roads, clear land for building projects, or simply move dirt from one place to another.

In addition to the traditional use of excavators as earthmovers, they are also used in agriculture as tractors and harvesters.

What engine does Komatsu excavator use?

The Komatsu engines are some of the most powerful and fuel efficient in the market. They are also easy to maintain and safe to use. The company has a long history of producing reliable machines, which is why many industries have decided to trust them with their tasks.

Komatsu excavator uses Komatsu engines that have been manufactured by one of Japan’s leading engine manufacturers, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., which is a global leader in engineering machinery, including excavators and other heavy equipment.

komatsu pc210

What is the classification of Komatsu excavators?

Komatsu excavators are mainly divided into: small excavators, crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, and hybrid excavators.

mini excavator

Small construction machinery has played a great advantage in municipal engineering, transportation and other construction. Mini excavators have made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources in these projects, meeting various urban operation requirements, and can maximize their production capacity in the narrow working space of the city, and gradually become a representative in urban construction.

crawler excavator

The engine, hydraulic unit, electrical parts and main components of the height control engine and hydraulic unit are all developed and produced by Komatsu itself. With the above “Komatsu Technology Essence” and through “face-to-face” communication with customers, “Komatsu Technology” keeps making progress and accumulation, thus reaching extraordinary heights.

komatsu pc220

wheeled excavator

Komatsu provides the most valuable and high-performance wheeled excavators to customers around the world. To achieve maximum workload for customers, Komatsu maintains consistent excellent quality and high reliability, reflecting the perfect unique technology. Pay attention to environmental protection and put people first, making driving more comfortable and maintenance easier. This is the Komatsu wheel loader designed with an eye toward future standards.

Hybrid Excavator

In 2012, the HB215LC-1 second-generation hybrid excavator was launched. This excavator is the only hybrid product with the largest tonnage level in the world. It is a typical representative of “green” excavators of the same type. The power excavator meets the needs of sustainable development in the European market. HB215LC-1 has large power, and the rated power, digging force and climbing force have been improved. The model provides four power output options of E0, E1, E2, and E3, which can Install the hydraulic breaker and hydraulic nearby, can provide the ATT specification car, and provide the space for the butter bucket by changing the position of the tool box.


Which Komatsu excavator is the best-selling?

If you are looking for the best-selling Komatsu excavator, look no further than the Komatsu PC200-6. This is the most popular and highest-selling of all Komatsu excavators ever created. It’s perfect for those looking to do some heavy duty jobs around their house or on a job site. The Komatsu PC200-6 has a maximum digging depth of 2 meters, which makes it great at moving large amounts of soil quickly and effectively.

The PC200-6 also features a max bucket capacity of 0.8 cubic meters – that’s enough space in your bucket to carry over 8 tons! It comes with a standard engine capacity of 38 kW / 50 hp, but can be upgraded if need be by purchasing an optional engine upgrade kit (available separately). This will boost up your horsepower from 50 hp all the way up to 70 hp!


How much does Komatsu excavator cost?

The cost of Komatsu excavator depends on model and features. On average, a new Komatsu PC1000-8 wheel loader can be purchased for $125,000-$175,000 depending on the size and options that you choose.

A new Komatsu D375A-2 wheel dozer costs about $70,000 to $90,000 in the United States; this price includes sales tax and delivery charges from an authorized dealer near you. You can expect these prices to vary depending on where you live in the country because each state has different sales tax rates as well as additional fees for shipping products over long distances. The best way to get an accurate quote would be by calling an authorized dealer directly so that they can personally walk through all your options with you before quoting any prices so there won’t be any surprises down the road!


How to buy a Komatsu excavator?

Here are some things to consider before you buy a Komatsu excavator:

Buy from a reputable dealer.

A reputable dealer will be able to answer all your questions, provide you with the best service, and give you the highest quality product. If they have a good reputation, ask around to see if others have had positive experiences with them too!

Make sure that they offer excellent customer service in case there are any problems when using the Komatsu excavator you purchased. They should also be able to help out if anything goes wrong with your Komatsu excavator after delivery or during operation (if this happens).

Check whether they offer warranties on their products

These can vary based on length and brand of warranty offered by each company selling it online so check carefully before making any decisions about which one might be right for your needs – remember: nothing lasts forever so always look out for ways to protect yourself financially as well as physically. Be sure not just because one shop may sell cheaper than another does not mean it will necessarily give better value overall since price alone does not equate quality .



Komatsu excavator is great at moving large amounts of dirt, but it’s also good at digging trenches and leveling ground. If you want to buy a used one, you can contact us.

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