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The Affordable Used Doosan Mini Excavator For Sale in 2022

The Affordable Used Doosan Mini Excavator For Sale in 2022

The Doosan mini excavator is the most popular and widely used model of excavators. It has an excellent performance and it is also very durable because of its high quality materials. They are currently made in three different series: Super Mini Series, Mini Series and Super Max Series. The Doosan mini excavator is a great machine for digging ditches and trenches. It has a hydraulic system that allows you to dig deeper and faster than ever before. It also has an auto dumping feature that allows you to dump the dirt with ease.



Where are Doosan mini excavators made?

Doosan mini excavator for sale

Doosan excavators are made in South Korea. This country is located on the southern half of the Korean peninsula, bordered by China and Japan to its east and west respectively. It’s home to more than 50 million people and one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Doosan’s roots go back to 1967 when it was founded as a tool manufacturing company by two brothers (one was an engineer). Since then they have expanded into many different areas including excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts and bulldozers—all built by Doosan employees who work at their factories across South Korea.

It has been an associate member of the world’s largest machinery trade association (the International Construction Equipment Association) since 1976 when it joined IEMA as an associate member company to help promote its products abroad through representation at EICMA exhibitions held annually in Germany or Italy since 1967 until today when Doosan participates at each year’s international exhibition held every two years alternatingly between Paris France or Amsterdam Netherlands with its own stand at both events showcasing its own products alongside other leading makers within IEMA membership like Caterpillar Inc., Komatsu Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd Ltd etc.


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What are the Doosan mini excavator models?

Doosan mini excavator models

There are several different Doosan mini excavator models. These include:

  • Doosan DX170LC-6
  • Doosan DX170LC-7
  • Doosan DX170LC-7.5
  • Doosan DX170LC-8
  • Doosan DX170LC-9
  • Doosan DX170LC-10

Doosan DX170LC-6, Doosan DX170LC-7 and Doosan DX170LC-7.5 are all part of the Doosan mini excavator series that uses a four-cycle engine. The major differences between them are their weight capacities and horsepower ratings.

The 170L is a small but powerful machine that can be operated by a single operator without any problems. It has an operating weight of 4,400 pounds (1,996 kilograms), which makes it ideal for use in most places where you would need an excavator with these characteristics to operate effectively!


doosan mini excavator


What are the Doosan mini excavator parts?

Doosan mini excavator parts

Doosan mini excavator parts can be divided into two categories: standard parts and optional parts. The standard Doosan mini excavators includes standard equipment or parts in the price of the Doosan mini excavator. Optional equipment or parts are sold separately from the Doosan mini excavator but can be purchased at an extra charge.

Standard Parts: These come with every new machine and don’t need to be purchased separately. They include things like an operator’s manual, safety equipment, and other essential items that you’ll need for your operation.

Optional Parts: This includes any part not included in the standard package that can be purchased separately from—your local Doosan dealer or distributor.



Where can Doosan mini excavator be used?

Used doosan mini excavator

The Doosan mini excavator is designed to be used in construction sites and landscaping businesses. It can also be used in mining and excavation projects. In some cases, you may also use this machine for cutting up trees or moving large pieces of machinery around your property.

You can use the Doosan mini excavator to dig soil or remove debris. This machine is also great for digging trenches for drainage or installing pipes under streets and sidewalks. It’s perfect if you need to create new land where there wasn’t any before by moving dirt around in your yard; this will help you create new flower beds or vegetable gardens! Be sure that you’re working on an even surface when using this tool because it has four-wheel drive which will help prevent slippage while moving heavy loads across uneven ground surfaces such as clay soils which contain large amounts of moisture due to high water tables (or even mud).


doosan mini excavator for sale


How to operate Doosan mini excavator?

Doosan mini excavator operation

To operate a Doosan mini excavator, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on the ignition switch and press the START button.
  • Move the control lever forward to move forward, backward to move backward, left or right to turn left or right respectively; move up or down on the control lever makes bucket go up or down respectively (but not moving). The movement of each axle is controlled by two pedals: one for forward/backward motion and other for turning motion in a direction opposite from your intended direction of travel when lifting.
  • To dig into soil or sand, apply pressure on both pedals simultaneously and then release them little by little according to depth of digging desired until smooth operation is achieved without any jerkiness caused by sudden jerks in digging process (this requires practice). Moving slowly through soft sandy ground will reduce wear on all parts of your machine while reducing risk of getting stuck due too much downward push causing loss traction at wheels which results in losing control over machine’s movements during digging process thus increasing possibility of damaging machine’s parts such as tracks etc if done carelessly!


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How much does it cost to buy a Doosan mini excavator?

Doosan mini excavator price

The price of a Doosan mini excavator depends on where you’re buying it from and what features are included. You can get one new for around $6,000-12,000 or less if you shop around for discounts and deals; however, this price does not include shipping costs or any taxes (like sales tax).

If you want to save money on your purchase of a Doosan mini excavator, buying used may be your best bet. You can usually find quite affordable used versions of these machines online or at local dealerships. They will often have the same capabilities as their newer counterparts without costing quite so much upfront.Used models may cost less than brand-new ones but should be carefully inspected before purchase because they could need repairs or parts that are hard to find.


doosan mini excavator price



You can buy a Doosan mini excavator for a reasonable price. But, you should know that the price of each model will vary depending on its features and size. So, before buying one make sure you get it checked at least once by an expert so that any issues can be addressed and fixed to ensure safety while operating the machine. If you want to know more about Doosan mini excavator, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479.


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