CAT 336 Excavator: An Excavator with Excellent Performance

The CAT 336 excavator is a heavy duty hydraulic excavator designed to dig and transport material, enabling you to complete your construction and mining projects.

What is CAT 336 excavator?

The CAT 336 is a crawler excavator that was developed by Caterpillar Inc. and is produced exclusively at the company’s plant in Peoria, Illinois. It has a total weight of 48,000 pounds (22 tons) when fully loaded with all three attachment points attached and can be used mainly in heavy duty construction jobs such as road building or demolition projects. The design makes it easy to install the machine in any location, as the entire unit is mobile.

The CAT 336 excavator is equipped with a powerful engine that allows it to lift up to 15 tons of earth per hour, ensuring quick and efficient results for your project. It also has an adjustable hydraulics system that allows you to use different attachments such as buckets or cranes with varying widths on this model of excavator.

CAT 336 excavator

How much does a CAT 336 excavator weight?

The weight of a CAT 336 C is dependent on the model, engine, and attachments. The excavator weighs approximately 21770kg when empty and has an operating weight of around 33900kg.


How deep can a CAT 336 excavator dig?

The maximum depth of the CAT 336 excavator is 7520mm. The minimum depth that it can dig is 1700mm

The CAT 336 excavator is designed to work in all types of soil, from soft and medium soils to hard soil. The CAT 336 excavator has a high power-to-weight ratio which allows it to work with ease on any type of ground surface – whether you are digging out sand dunes or building foundations for a new building, this machine will get the job done quickly and efficiently

If you want to dig deeper than 15.6m, the CAT 336 excavator can be fitted with a drilling bucket or other attachments to extend its reach.


How wide is a CAT 336 excavator?

The CAT 336 excavator is a narrow machine, measuring in at 3.2 meters wide. This compared to other excavators like the Caterpillar 730F which has a width of 4 meters. In comparison, the CAT 938F is 5 meters wide and requires more space to operate than either of these two machines. A standard CAT 789B would have a width of about 3.4 meters, making it slightly wider than the 336 but still not as large as most other track-type machines in its class.

CAT 336 excavator

What engine is in Cat 336 excavator?

The CAT 336 excavator uses one of the most powerful engines in its class, the Cat C7.1 engine. This allows for power, durability and performance that you won’t find in other hydraulic excavators with less powerful engines.

The CAT C7.1 engine has two selectable modes, Powerful and Smart. Engine speed with automatic control. Operating at altitudes up to 3300 m, it has cooling capability in a high temperature environment of 52°C (126°F) and a cold start capability in a low temperature environment of -18°C (0°F).

The CAT C7.1 engine has a combination of efficient fuel burn and low emissions that is unmatched in the industry.  It has been designed with durability in mind to provide you with years of reliable service and power while maximizing fuel efficiency. The powerful performance of the C7.1 engine starts with its high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, which allows for precise control over combustion timing, pressure and duration for better power delivery.

CAT 336 excavator

How much does a CAT 336 excavator cost?

The price of a CAT 336 excavator varies depending on the model, engine size, brand and configuration. For example, a used single cab with an engine that is in good condition will cost less than $50,000 while a new double cab with the same configuration can go for over $100,000. The average price for this machine is between $70,000 – $80,000 new and between $40,000 to $100k used depending on which model you get.

The cost of gas also affects how much it costs to operate your machine as well as other factors such as location (electricity costs) and whether there are any labor fees associated with maintaining your equipment on site such as insurance or licensing fees from owning machinery like this one!

In conclusion, while there are many factors that can affect the price of a CAT 336 excavator, it is important to weigh all costs when purchasing one.



This is the ultimate guide to buying a CAT 336 excavator. We hope you have learned everything you need to know about this machine and can make an informed decision when it comes time for purchase.